Tonight’s dinner was prepared by Fire Chief Tony Kelleher, President Donald Aker, First Acting Man Christopher Rutter, Firefighter Jim “Happy” Griswald, Firefighter Oleg Pelekhaty and a few others. On the menu was flat iron steak sandwiches on a garlic bread roll, homemade pasta salad and green beans. A special horseradish sauce was also made. With our home football team, the Washington Redskins playing in our first due tonight (FedEx Field) it was extremely busy as well.

Flat Iron Steak Sandwiches: Thin sliced steak, seasoned with spices, vinegar and olive oil. Grilled for 10 minutes each side (low heat). Placed on a garlic spread roll (made from butter, garlic and steak rolls). Provolone cheese to top off and placed into the oven for an additional five minutes.

Homemade Pasta Salad: Penne Regatta pasta, boiled until soft. Chilled and then add red,green,yellow peppers, green onions, balsamic dressing, seasoned pepper, kosher salt and fancy parmesan cheese. Mix until all ingredients are well distributed.

Green Beans: Steam the green beans in water and apple cider vinegar for approx. 15 minutes. Add salt if desired.

For lunch today Firefighter Eric Martinez prepared a quick meal consisting of tuna salad sandwiches and various side items. The tuna salad was prepared using white tuna fish, red onions, celery, mayonnaise and different seasonings.

The leadership of the Kentland VFD knows it takes a lot to maintain a great atmosphere, moral and a tight knit group of firefighters. Especially when most firefighters have a unique, class “A” personality. It is imperative that everyone is brought together to blow off steam, make conversation and have some sort of effective communication among the membership. Eating together can result in accomplishing all of the fore mentioned goals. Especially at a “good” firehouse. That is why we cook and eat together every night at Company 33. Because this can be a hugh undertaking for just one individual alone, the members (that can cook) take turns preparing dinner. Tonight’s meal, prepared by First Acting Man (Tower Ladder 33) Curtis Patterson. It consisted of Pork Chop’s, Garlic Mashed Potato’s, Broccoli and dinner rolls. See our recipe below:

Grilled Pork Chops: Seasoned with olive oil, garlic, onion, coarse ground pepper. Slow cooked for 10 minutes each side.

Garlic Mashed Potato’s: 5 1/2 pounds of red potato’s, ranch dressing (one bottle), garlic, sour cream. Boil potato’s until soft, drain, add ranch dressing, sour cream, garlic and basil. Then mash until desired texture.

Broccoli: Steam until soft, add seasoning.