This morning…

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Today started as most days do, the sun came-up, we ran a few calls and business as usual. Tower Ladder 33 had to be picked-up from a local repair shop and was brought back to Company 33. It was out this week and the end of last for the annual Maryland State Police DOT inspection and to have some minor repairs completed. The work this time was completed by M and M. This contractor has been near and dear to Kentland for many years. They provide quality work in a timely manor. Once the rig was back in quarters, it was thoroughly checked out and placed back in service with our fire communications center.

Also, members completed the daily “heavy” housework. This included cleaning the Watchdesk area and laundry room. Some took the downtime this morning to make some minor repairs to equipment. Others spent the morning paying personal bills and filling-in their rookie books.

Cameraman Dave “Crazy Dave” Furtado

Sunday, November 2, 2008

For the past few months the members of Kentland Fire Station 33 have been featured on a new web t.v. site called “The Battalion”. Cameraman David Furtado is the mastermind behind the webisodes and is once again back at Kentland to document the daily life of the Kentland Volunteer Fire Department. He will also be shooting this week with other departments within Prince George’s County, Maryland (Clinton, Silver Hill) and featured numerous installations, such as the Apparatus Maintenance Division of the PGFD. Dave departs on the 7th of November to return to his home in California (the left coast).

Cameraman David Furtado

Cameraman David Furtado