Association Meeting at Co. 33

Monday, November 17, 2008

This month, the Kentland VFD hosted the Prince George’s County Volunteer Fire & Rescue Association. After several days of preparation, the members and Ladies Auxilliary were able to transform the firehouse and prepare a feast. The ladies made baked chicken with a chicken and cheese sauce under a blanket of croutons, with green beans and mashed potatoes and a plethora of delicious homemade desserts. The 1969 Seagrave wagon served as a backdrop for the meeting. A special thanks to all members who helped make this event a success.

Dinner and a Smoke

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sometimes dinner takes a little creativity. Tonight, we breaded filleted chicken breasts with crumbled Ritz crackers and baked them in the oven before topping them with cheese. Green beans and whole white potatoes carmelized with sugar completed the meal. After dinner, members retired to the engine bay for a couple of hours with some stogies to listen to some classic firehouse stories courtesy of the senior men. Nothing like some chow and cigars to bring the guys together!

With the amount of runs at Company 33 and the different times they come in, it is not uncommon to have dinner at different times each night. Sometimes its at 1800, sometimes at 2230 or anywhere in between. Tonight members made a quick and easy, yet delicious dish called pasta italiano. 

Rigatoni Pasta Italiano: (to feed 15) Four boxes of Rigatoni Pasta noodles, three cans of diced tomatoes, minced garlic, three (5) packs of Johnsville Italian (mild) sausage, three sticks of butter, parmesan cheese, italian seasoning, 4 lemons, seasoned pepper.

Cook the sausages in two pans with one cup of water in each. Cover sausage, cook for 10 minutes then flip to other side. Cook additional 10 minutes. When done slice in thin whole pieces (quarter sized).

Place three sticks of butter, garlic, lemon juice (squeezed from lemons) and parmesan cheese into another pan and simmer, melting the butter and mixing all together.

Cook pasta for 14 minutes in boiling water. Once done, drain and mix pasta with sausage, lemon/butter sauce, diced tomatoes and seasonings. 

Garlic Bread: Get two loafs of italian bread (fresh). Butter each side, sprinkle granulated garlic lightly on each side and add parsley flakes and ground pepper. Bake at 350 for 15 minutes. Add shredded mozzarella cheese and cook until melted. Slice before serving.

This afternoon, a few of the members made some tasty Buffalo Burgers and Tater Tots. After the meal was ready, the members spent time in between runs watching some of the Sunday NFL games. Of course with the Washington Redskins not playing today the men cheered for our other home team, the Baltimore Ravens.

Buffalo Burgers: 1/2 lb. of ground beef per man, 2 eggs, dash of salt and pepper, worcester sauce. Mix together, then make patties as desired (large or small). Cook on grill to desired temperature. Once done place in a bowl of “Franks” Buffalo Wing Hot Sauce. Coat evenly and place on a seeded bun. Place two strips of crispy bacon on top. Then place bits of crumbled blue cheese over the top of the strips of bacon. Enjoy!

Tater Tots: Buy a bag big enough to feed everyone…….read directions, cook, eat with the burger.

This morning, after running a first due house fire and getting some much needed rest and relaxation in, the members staffing Company 33 for the day began to finish some tasks around the house. The first was the filling of the stations soda machine. Because Company 33 does not have an abundance of money most of the normal tasks like filling the vending machines is done by the members. Engine Lieutenant John Burns is tasked with “running” the soda machine and keeps busy filling it multiple times a week. John also goes to local bulk stores to buy the bottled products offered in our machine. All of this saves the department from having to pay a distributor and delivery man. 

Since the members paid tribute yesterday to a life member of the department that passed away, Old Engine 331 had to be put back together from the funeral service. The rig was used in the service to carry Mr. “Dad” McDermott from the Landover Hills Baptist Church to his final resting spot in the Fort Lincoln Cemetery (Last Alarm Gardens). Members spent an hour placing the hose bed dividers back into place. The McDermott family also stopped by Company 33 today to express their gratitude for our level of participation in the service itself. We explained that Mr. McDermott had given a lifetime’s worth of membership to our department and the surrounding community. We would give him nothing less.

Lunch: Grilled Cheese and Soup

Saturday, November 8, 2008

With the funeral of Life Member, Past President and Department Chaplain Robert (Scotty) (Dad) McDermott, members were kept busy at the firehouse and funeral home. While we were completing some last minute tasks, Nicole, one of the Live In members’ girlfriend, was nice enough to cook us some grilled cheese with chicken soup and tomato soup. For more information on the passing of Mr. McDermott, click here.

Ladder Drill

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Company drill can vary from going over new, cutting edge technology or advanced rescue techniques to going back to the basics of being a fireman. Executing the “simple” fireground tasks with exacting precision is what separates great companies from the rest. Yesterday’s company drill focused on one of the most important (and most often neglected) truck company functions: ground ladders. Chief Kelleher, First Acting Man Rutter and Fireman Stolle went over the one man 24′ flat raise using the buliding as an anchor; the one man 24′ beam raise, useful in tight alleys or, as is more often the case around here, in narrow yards between houses; the two man and three man 35′ raises as well as the one man 35′ raise.  Members practiced on the front of the firehouse for about three hours, and after a short break, the Rescue Engine and Tower Ladder went to a 28 apartment fire.

Tonight, members enjoyed some downtime and gave Tower Ladder 33 a well deserved bath. The apparatus at 33 is very well taken care of, the members take much pride in the appearance of the vehicles and the condition of the equipment. Apparatus is washed daily, unless weather prohibits. Tools and appliances are often touched up and or given a little TLC. 

Besides tonight’s clean-up and staffing arrangements for the morning, a lot of other personal tasks were completed. Some had to finish studying for school and others for work. The rookies spent time practicing skills and studying map books of the first due and beyond.

Dinner: Univ. of Maryland Game Time Feast!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

With the “home” area college football team playing tonight, the members decided to have a game time feast and switch-up from the normal dinners cooked at Company 33. Four or five members decided to have a buffalo wing sauce challenge as well. The sauces included were T2’s spicy buffalo/garlic, Pee Wee’s tangy mustard surprise, Dirty Curty’s teriyaki sauce, Pat Mann’s Man’s sauce and Don Aker’s Presidential dry rub. Also included, were some famous Nathan’s hot dogs, several sides, pepperoni, cheese and Crackers.

Around 1200 hours, Station Lieutenant Tyrome “Pee Wee” Boderick with the assistance of some eager to learn how to cook helpers made lunch. On the menu were Ruben Sandwiches, Sauerkraut and Homemade Crab Soup. It was a hit and only took approx. 45 minutes (with one interruption for an emergency run) to complete.

Ruben Sandwiches: Fresh sliced rye bread, thin sliced corn beef, swiss cheese slices (melted by oven)

Homemade Crab Soup: Mixed vegetables, fresh lump crab meat, beef bouillon cubes, stewed tomatoes, misc. seasoning, old bay seasoning. Cooked until near boil, then simmer for 35 minutes.

Sauerkraut: Dietz and Watson brand. Heated until served.